These package have it all, whether you’re a diehard fan of the Iditarod, just discovering the 1000-mile dog sledding race, or want to experience winter in Alaska.

​The daily itinerary of both packages puts you front and center, behind the scenes, up in the air and in the driver’s seat of the quintessential Alaska experience with the Last Great Race as the backdrop.

Starting Line Package  | Finish Line Package 


The first weekend in March means one thing in Alaska — Iditarod.  

These multi-day packages have you front and center for Alaska’s state sport including an aerial view of the starting line or finish line, and traveling Alaska’s trails by dog sled and snowmobile.     

​Mark your calendars!  Experience the starting line package between March 4 – March 7, 2021.  Or, wait, watch and wonder who will cross the finish-line first in our finish line package from March 13 – March 15, 2021. 


Our race package gives you more than a chance meeting with a musher.  

Throughout your race experience, you’ll keep company with Iditarod veteran, Justin Savidis.  Justin is a six-time finisher of the Last Great Race and holds multiple first place finishes and top five finishes in several mid-distance races along with two Humanitarian Awards for exceptional dog care and three nominations for sportsmanship. 


You get yourself to Anchorage and we do the rest.  

Starting Line Package: $3799.00 USD per person includes 3 nights of lodging

Finish Line Package: $3499.00 USD per person includes 2 nights of lodging

True to The Alaska Experience Company form, adventure isn’t an add-on.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.

For one price, you experience Alaska at her finest.  


4 Days/3 Nights

Day 1

(Thursday, March 4, 2021):  Arrival & Tales from the Trail with Iditarod Veteran

Upon arriving in Anchorage, your concierge guide will transport you from the Anchorage airport to Alaska Backcountry Cottages in Palmer.  This exciting tour begins with tales from the trail over dinner with Iditarod veteran, Justin Savidis. 

Day 2

(Friday, March 5, 2021): Epic Snowmobiling & Dog Sledding Adventure

Spend a thrilling day traveling Alaska’s winter trails by dog sled and snowmobile.  It’s the best of both worlds.  It’s the best of winter in Alaska.  It’s a full day of adventure!

You’ll experience firsthand the love the dogs have for what they do whether it’s for a few miles or a thousand.  Just like the racers, your guided tour will take you on trails through trees and on frozen lakes.  This interactive tour will allow you to get to know the canine athletes of a working race kennel, several whom have completed the race multiple times.  And, if you’re so inclined, you will have a chance to help drive the sled!  

Whether you call it a snowmobile or snow machine, we call it fun!  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, you’ll enjoy Alaska’s backcountry with our expert guides.  This adventure is full of fun, beauty, wildlife sightings and great photo opportunities!  

Day 3

(Saturday, March 6, 2021): Ceremonial Start

Our day starts early as the race gets underway.  The Ceremonial Start is an 11-mile course running through downtown Anchorage and is a celebration of all that is Alaska and the dogs that helped build it.   This celebration is a great photo opportunity, a time to cheer your favorite teams as they pass on the frozen streets of Anchorage.

Following the Ceremonial Start festivities, you’ll explore Alaska by air.  Our helicopter flight-seeing tour will take you into Alaska’s backcountry for a glacier landing before dinner. 

On the eve to the starting line, enjoy hearing about the life and times — more tales of the trail, musher musings, stories and strategy — of a working race kennel. 

Day 4

(Sunday, March 7, 2021):  Race Restart – the Real Start

Welcome to the Restart, the real start of the race where the time and miles matter.  After traveling from Alaska Backcountry Cottages to Willow, home of the Restart, you’ll cheer teams fresh from the starting line of the 49thrunning of the Last Great Race!  As competitors and canines continue on the early miles of the race, we will make our way to the airport for our good-byes.  


3 Days/2 Nights

Day 1

(Saturday, March 13, 2021):  Arrival & Tales from the Trail with Iditarod Veteran

Your Alaska Experience concierge will transport you to Alaska Backcountry Cottages in Palmer after you arrive in Anchorage.  After a little settling in, you’ll have a choice between a guided fat-tire biking adventure, a horse drawn sleigh ride, or free-time before dinner (activities may vary based on weather conditions) before dinner with Justin Savidis, a six-time finisher of the Last Great Race. 

After your meal with a musher, hear more stories and strategies of starting lines, finish lines and all the points in between. 

Day 2

(Sunday, March 14, 2021): Ultimate Snowmobiling & Dog Sledding Adventure

While teams travel the trail, so will you!  We’ll spend the day in Willow, the heart of mushing country and the home of Iditarod’s starting line, and in 2021, the finish line! 

Meet the dogs of Iditarod and experience firsthand the excitement the dogs have for running on a guided tour that takes you over frozen lakes and through Alaska’s winter wonderland. 

This interactive tour gives you plenty of photo opportunities and a chance to help your guide drive the sled!

We’ll swap the dog teams for machines and take to the trail on a guided snowmobile tour where you’ll travel the first several miles of the Last Great Race.  Whether you’re an experienced rider or novice, our expert guides will show you the best of Alaska’s backcountry with opportunities for wildlife sightings.      

Riding the runners and the thrill of the throttle is the best of both worlds!    

Day 3

(Monday, March 15, 2021):  Aerial View of the Race Finish Line

The only thing that beats the excitement of the starting line is the finish line!  As teams near the last miles of the race, and we wait, watch and wonder who will cross the finish line next, we’ll take the skies.  Our helicopter flight-seeing tour will give you a view of the finish line like none other — it truly makes dog sledding the ultimate spectator sport!

Like the race, all good things must come to an end.  After a day of cheering for teams, it will be time to say our good-byes as we make our way to the airport. 

*The schedule of planned activities may change based on how the race develops.
We will monitor teams’ progress on the trail in an effort provide you the best opportunity to cheer teams across the finish line.


  • Each package includes lodging, 2 meals per day (with the exception of the first day), and each of the above listed activities.  Alcoholic beverages and gratuities are not included.  Additional nights of lodging are available for purchase.  Package does not include airfare to and from Alaska.
  • This tour is restricted to individuals 16 years of age or older.
  • Maximum of 8 guests.
  • A partial refund of 50% will be issued for cancellations 30 days before the first day of the package.  No refund will be given for cancellations with less than 30 days advance notice.